my story

Nice to meet you, I’m Yael Badosa. I was born as a French jackal and grew up in Rome in a religious and Zionist family. When I was little, I remember how I loved playing with my Barbie dolls and designing collections for them. Even then I knew that this was what I wanted to do in the future. In high school, I started providing personal styling services, but at the crossroads between studying fashion and immigrating to Israel, the values I grew up with prevailed, and that’s how I ended up in Israel, studying Judaism that made me a happy wife and mother of four. After we moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, fashion came back to star in my dreams, and in 2017 I founded the JeyB brand. In the beginning the scope of the work was small, the corona and the births took their toll, but today I am full of energy and ready to devour the world. My clothes are simple but unique. They will make you feel that they were designed especially for you and for your comfort. My goal is to make all women smile and enjoy amazing and inspiring clothes. I feel obligated to my clientele, and to allow each and every one of them to wear clothes full of style and innovation, without compromising on the important dimensions of modesty. JeyB’s DNA consists of investigative art that creates an original and colorful everyday experience. I aim to sell directly to you, without a brokerage fee of any kind, and to ensure that your trust in me will allow you to receive an uncompromisingly respectable and fashionable product.